TeamTriesConversionsDrop GoalsPenaltiesHalf TimeFull Time
HS Ben Vorster520-724
HS Waterkloof640-3138


Afternoon everyone and welcome to game 4

Next game up

Ben Vorster vs Waterkloof

Good luck lads

and Kick off

13 waterkloof with a try with not even 2 minutes into the game

18 misses the conversion

11 waterkloof with a try

10 kicking for polls and its converted

12 waterkloof gets a try and converts

11 Ben Vorster gets the first try for his team

10 Ben vorster converts the kick

20 waterkloof gets a try

10 waterkloof kicking but misses


Second half has begun

great hands from waterkloof

waterkloof on attack but intercept by ben Vorster

Ball being shared

Try for Ben Vorster No. 11

10 Vorster looses the conversion

Ben Vorster working hard to keep possession

Turnover ball waterkloof

Ben Vorster Line-out

5m out waterkloof try line

Ben Vorster on the Maul and on attack

great play waterkloof

Ben Vorster on the attack

Great defense by Waterkloof and they loose the ball

Try Ben Vorster No. 12

10 Ben Vorster lining up to take the polls and gets the conversion

14 with a great run and 10 Waterkloof gets the try

14 waterkloof converts the kick

intercept by Ben Vorster 12

Great try by Ben Vorster No.3

Kicking for polls 10 but misses

Waterkloof on the drive Ben Vorster turnover

Line out on the 55 m

Try Ben Vorster No. 3

10 misses the conversion

great run by BEn Vorster

Game ends



King Edward VII School- Main Field
44 St Patrick Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa