TeamTriesConversionsDrop GoalsPenaltiesHalf TimeFull Time
Hudson Park64002438
HS Waterkloof64011941


Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the final day of the King Edward VII School Easter Rugby and Hockey Festival 2017.

Its bound to be a great day today as each school try`s to delivers their best performance as they head back home.

But regardless from everyone here at KES we would just like to thank you for joining us here, other than that catch live updates today right here and on our School Twitter page.


2nd  game up of the day:


Hudson Park vs Waterkloof


Good luck lads have a great game.


Srum on the 15m


Big Hits are shown by both teams


5 Hudson Park


Scrum on Hudson 2m but they are blocked by waterkloof defense


Hudson gets a try with 15 taking the polls, he misses the conversion


20 Waterkloof gets a try with 14 taking the kick but misses the conversion


14 waterkloof gets a try and converts the ball


15 Hudson Park Gets a try


15 Also taking the kick and he misses the conversion


13 Hudson gets a try


15 Hudson taking the kick and he converts


14 misses the penalty


19 Waterkloof gets a try


14 Waterkloof converts


Scrum on the 20m


Hudson hoping to make the attack


Hudson 12 gets a try




Second half has begun


14 Waterkloof with a try


14 converts

15 With a try

14 converts


14 Waterkloof kicking a penalty


14 converts


Waterkoof kick out


scrum on the 22m Hudson


Hudson wins the scrum

Hudson on the attack


Brilliant defense by Waterkloof

And Line out


Game back in the play


Line out on the 10m


Hudson wins the scrum


22 Waterkloof gets a try


10 waterkloof converts


great running by waterkloof but Hudson defense on point


23 knocks on over the line


Scrum Hudson park 1m away from try line


waterkloof steal the ball and No. 8 takes the point


10 does not convert


15 Hudson gets a try and converts




Game closes






King Edward VII School- Main Field
44 St Patrick Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa