TeamTriesConversionsDrop GoalsPenaltiesHalf TimeFull Time
Jeppe High School for Boys 11021013
HS Ben Vorster32001219


Good afternoon Everyone and welcome to the final day of the King Edward VII School Easter Rugby and Hockey Festival 2017.

Its bound to be a great day today as each school try`s to delivers their best performance as they head back home.

But regardless from everyone here at KES we would just like to thank you for joining us here, other than that catch live updates today right here and on our School Twitter page.

4th game up of the day:

Jeppe vs Ben Vorster

Good luck lads have a great game.

Jeppe on the attack

Jeppe working hard at maintaining the ball

Ben Vorster has the amazing defensing line

13 Vorster has the ball

13 Vorster tried to make it through but Jeppe has defended him

14 Ben Vorster gets a goal

10 Ben Vorster wide`s to the left

Scrum on the half

Scrum resets

Ben Vorster has possession

Ben Vorster showing great defense

Ben Vorster on the drive

Ben Vorster on the kick out

Line out just out the 10m

penalty for Jeppe 13 gets it

Line out just in the half way

Jeppe drive the ball in the 10m

knock on by 3 Ben Voster

line out n the 10m

7 Ben Voster gets a try

13 Jeppe gets a try

15 Jeppe clears the conversion


2nd half begins

Line out has been awarded to Jeppe

12 Ben Vorster gets a try

Penalty jeppe 15 and its over

Jeppe with the ball but great defense by Vorster

Ben Vorster Drive up

Big hits from Jeppe

Turnover ball Jeppe


opt for posts 15  and they miss the polls

22 drop out by Ben Vorster

9 chips to chase the ball

Jeppe full-back clears on their half way line

Ben Vorster line-out on the 10m

Turnover Ball Jeppe

Jeppe bringing on reserves

injury delay Ben Vorster 5 receiving attention

Game resume

Back into the scrum

Ben Vorster tap and go

Feeds to Jeppe line-out

Ben Vorster still in possession

Jeppe on the break

Ben Scrum just outside the 10m line

Ben Vorster clears

great stepping from Jeppe 15

Penalty Jeppe

Jeppe player down play delayed

Play resumed

Tap and go Jeppe regains possession screaming for there back-line

Great defending by Ben Vorster

Line out on the 10m

Jeppes forwards on the drive

Big hits coming in

Ben Vorster Holding Jeppe

Turnover and Jeppe ball

Jeppe opt for Post

pulls it right score remains

Great defense by Ben Vorster as they manage to Keep Jeppe off the score board

Knock on by Ben Vorster

Jeppe have the scrum in there half

Less than 5 minutes remaining of this game

Turnover ball Jeppe

Jeppe forward on the attack trying to get over the line

final score 13-19

Game over well done





King Edward VII School- Main Field
44 St Patrick Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa