TeamTriesConversionsDrop GoalsPenaltiesHalf TimeFull Time
King Edward VII School 41011525
Rondebosch BHS1101317


Afternoon everyone hope you all have enjoyed your day

Our final game of the day

KES vs Rondebosch

Bound to be exciting

Stay tuned for live streaming and commentating

9 Rondebosch with a penalty  and it goes through the middle

KES with a nice kick to 55m

Bosch Line out

Bosch win the line out and on the maul

swing to back fly

big hits coming from both sides

good defense from the REDS

turnover ball to RED

hit straight up from the field

13 Bosch on the drive

KES On the attack

KES block Bosch as they manage to clean out

Ball remains in bosch possession

Scrum bosch

scrum rest

scrum owned to red

Penalty to KES

Kennedy KES Kicking but misses the polls

KES on the run

Great kick from Kennedy taking KES back into Bosch half

KES on the attack but defense by Bosch prevents a try

Kennedy on the attack slices through but blocked

Penalty KES tap and go

and knock on by KES Bosch ball (Turnover)

Rondebosch scrum

KES win the scrum ball stays tight on bosch side RED hoping to make quick goal

Glade on the attack

Penalty KES

yellow card Bosch 2

KES on the attack

KES loose the ball but defense regains ball

Bosch on the drive

Knock on by Bosch KES ball

Scrum KES

Tight game here between two very determined teams

Ball half way line as KES kick out after winning the scrum edging the ball closer to Bosch line

7 KES steals the ball

12 with a big fight

Penalty KES

Great drive by KES as they look to attack

Try 11 KES Hayward

Kennedy lining up for the kick and converts

great drive by KES as Morrison gets the ball and passes to 14 KES as they get a try (CADE)

kicking 13 and it misses the polls\

KES Keeps possession

great Skill displayed by KES

KES stepping up the gears

Unfortunate Drop from KES at a open try line

Yellow card to Gordon (C) RED

KES with a nice handel on the ball

great shape on the ball KES as Bosch clears and has possession

KES on the attack again

Penalty to KES

15 Kicking for the polls  and its through


Stay tuned for more live streaming and commentating

Second half to begin shortly

Great rugby being displayed from both two teams keep it up lads

Second half has begun

Kick off

KES putting body on the line to defend

Big Shuck from KES

9 Bosch held up

Bosch KNock on RED Possession

Penalty Bosh opt for tap and go

RED Defense needs to be strong

Set move

Great defense by KES

Bosch loose out on what could have been set points

KES running on Bosch try line

and KES kick away

Great kick from KES

Penalty to KES inside half way line

Great kick from KES moving ball back into Bosch line

Gordon takes the ball further but blocked by Bosch

KES Attacks

and great team try with Cade taking a try

Kennedy misses the conversion

KES holing there line making some great shape on the ball

Bosch struggling to get possession

Bosch on the attack

Break by bosh

great handeling by bosh 4

great running from bosh as KES put there body oin the line

KES defense remains strong

Turnover ball to Bosch

reversal penalty

Yellow card to KES 7

Rondebosh go straight through with No. 9 taking a try

KES need to show more discipline

21 converts the ball

12 gets a try for rondebosch and its converted

KES Penalty but it misses the polls

KES line out

Taken by Bosch

Great tackle by KES

Line out on Bosch 22 m

Try by No. 11 Hayward

15 Kicking Kennedy and pulls it to the right

RED looking very strong as the final few minutes of the game remain not allowing Bosch to get through again

Bosch really working hard trying to get the try before the end

Big hits coming from RED

KES take out BOsch 2m from the line amazing defense from KES

An excellent game displayed from both teams

Well done lads an excellent game


Game closes



King Edward VII School- Main Field
44 St Patrick Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa